Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - CommCell Views

How do I mine information from the CommServe database?

Use the CommCell views to query information on CommCell components directly from the SQL database. These views help you understand the database schema and allow you to query various pieces of information. Any modifications made to these queries (if any) should be done carefully so the database is not overloaded. As much as possible, use uncommitted reads or perform queries from a snapshot and delete the snapshot once done.

Queries can be run using any other software, for example, custom SQL scripts, crystal reports, or Microsoft reporting services.

How do I view data in my local time?

You can set CommCell Views to display dates in the local time zone of the CommCell computer instead of in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This function automatically corrects the time for changes such as Daylight Savings Time.

Use the following function to view data in local time:

select *, dbo.UTCToCellLocalTime (startdate, 2) localStartDate from CommCellBackupInfo