System - Online Help

Use this dialog box to establish or change system options at the CommCell level. This dialog box includes the following tabs:

System (General)

For information about this tab, please see Space Check - Context Sensitive Help.

System (Change Password)

Use this dialog box to modify the Media and Network Passwords.

Change Media Password

  • Enter New Media Password

    Type the new name of the media password.

  • Confirm New Media Password

    Type the media password again for confirmation.

  • Enter Old Media Password

    Type the old media password here.

Change Network Password

  • Change password for computer

    When selected, you can change the password used by client computers.

  • New Password

    Type the new password.

  • Confirm Password

    Re-type the new password for confirmation.

System (Security)

You must have administrative privileges to set the options available in this dialog box.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

When this option is selected, the CommCell enters a security mode where users are required to log on using a PIN along with their passwords. Before you enable this option, the following must be already configured in the CommCell:

  • A Mail server using the E-Mail & Web Server Configuration option in the Control Panel.
  • CommCell users must have a valid e-mail address specified in their profile.

If the above configurations are not met, this option will appear grayed out.

Prevent admin access to user data

When this option is selected, client owners can use the Privacy feature on their clients. The Privacy feature is used to prevent users who are not client owners from seeing the data on the client. If the Prevent admin access to user data check box is cleared, locked clients remain locked but no new clients can be locked.