Data Verification - Overview

The software typically backups/archives data on various types of media. Once these operations have been performed, there is no way to ascertain if the data is valid for recovering until a restore operation has been performed on that data.

During a data verification operation, data is checked to see that it is valid for recovering and for being successfully copied during an auxiliary copy operation. You can verify data on all copies, or on a specific copy, and in parallel streams. A specific data backup/archive operation can also be verified on a copy. It is also possible to define a time interval of how long data verification for a backup job is valid for a storage policy copy. Note that the data verification is not set by default for any agents.

When auxiliary copy, data verification, and content indexing operations are initiated, they will all utilize the same single auxiliary copy manager process, thus reducing the load resources on the CommServe computer.

The data verification is supported by all Agents.

To verify the deduplicated backup data managed by the deduplication database (DDB), see Verifying the Deduplicated Data.