Data Verification - Troubleshooting

Data Verification Job Displays Incorrect Values for Data to Process and Data Processed


During Data Verification job, if install updates operation was performed, the values for the following fields in the Data Verification Job Details dialog box may show incorrect values.

  • Total Data Processed
  • Total Data to Process

Also, the Percent Complete field displays 100% even though the Status of the job is Running.


To resolve this issue, suspend, and then resume the job.

  1. From the Job Controller window, right-click the data verification job, and then click Suspend.
  2. Click Resume by right-clicking the job again.

Data Verification Job Completed with Error

Data Verification Job displays the following error message in the Job History.

ERROR CODE [13:138]: Error occurred while processing chunk [1594035] in media [], at the time of error in library [WinSharedLib1] and mount path [Folder_03.06.2013_17.14], for storage policy [SP_GDSP_SCALE_MA2_nondash] copy [Primary] MediaAgent []: Backup job [ ]. Operating System could not find the path specified.
Source: mm4, Process: AuxCopyMgr

This may occur if Data Aging job runs at the same time as Data Verification job, and the Data Aging job prunes and ages all the jobs which met the retention criteria.

Completed With One Or More Errors

Data Verification jobs will be displayed as "Completed w/ one or more errors" in the Job History in the following cases:

  • During data verification job, if one of the backup job's data chunk on the disk is not accessible during read operation due to one of the following reasons:
    • Volume/data chunk/files are missing
    • Network issues

    Then, in this case the backup job on that storage policy copy will display the data verification status as Failed and the Data Verification job will display as Completed w/ one or more errors.

  • When a data verification job is run, a check is made to verify if the backup jobs are restorable. During this operation, if the data chunk of the job is found bad and is not restorable then:
    • The data verification status for the backup job in the Data Verification column is marked as Failed.
    • The backup job status is marked as BAD on the source copy.
    • The status of all jobs referring to this backup job are marked as BAD and the data verification status is marked as Failed on the source copy.
    • This backup job and all other jobs referring to this job are disabled for copy.