Testing Disaster Readiness: Preparing a CommServe Host Using Disaster Recovery Backups

You can restore the CommServe database on a new host by using Disaster Recovery (DR) backups in one of the following ways:

  • Restore the backup data from the DR backup export location to a new CommServe host.
  • Retrieve the DR backup from the disk or tape media and then restore the backup data to a new CommServe host.

When you restore the CommServe databases by using the latest Disaster Recovery (DR) backup, the databases restore to an older point-in-time when the DR backup was performed.

To prepare the CommServe host for testing, complete the following tasks:

  1. Perform a Disaster Recovery Backup of the production CommServe host.

    Record the Job ID and time of the DR backup job. Ensure that the associated DR backup folder (SET_XXX folder) is accessible from the new host that is used for recovery.

    If you are using DR backup from disk or tape media, then Retrieve the Disaster Recovery Backup from Media.

  2. Install the CommServe software on a new host.
  3. Restore the CommServe databases from the DR backup to the new CommServe host. For instructions, see Restoring CommCell Operations on the CommServe Host.
  4. Start services on the test CommServe host. For instructions, see Starting a Service.