Testing Disaster Readiness

To ensure disaster readiness, you must test CommServe recovery periodically. Testing ensures that the backups are sufficient to recover the CommServe database from any disaster. You can also check if the recovered CommServe is able to perform all production CommServe operations.

During disaster readiness testing, the production (active) CommServe host remains online and operational.

Testing disaster readiness involves the following phases:

  1. Preparing the test CommServe host.

    To test disaster recovery, the latest production CommServe database must reside on the test CommServe host.

    • Using Disaster recovery backups

      In this method, you build a new test CommServe host by using the latest disaster recovery backup from the production CommServe database.

  2. Testing recovery operations on the new or standby CommServe host.

Note: Alternatively, you can test the CommServe recovery by using the DR Testing workflow.