SQL Server iDataAgent Installation: Guidelines for Disaster Recovery Failover

To synchronize the CommServe databases for disaster recovery failover, you must install the SQL Server iDataAgent on the production and standby CommServe hosts.

The disaster recovery failover process synchronizes the standby CommServe database with the production CommServe host periodically. If CommCell services are running on the standby CommServe host, its database is updated continuously and you cannot keep it in sync with the database on the production CommServe host. Therefore, you must stop the CommCell services on the standby CommServe host when the services are running on production CommServe host. To perform failover synchronization, the SQL Server iDataAgent services must be running on the standby CommServe host. So, you must install the SQL Server iDataAgent on a new instance on both the production and standby CommServe hosts.

To install on a new instance, enable the multi-instancing feature on the CommServe hosts. For instructions on enabling  the multi-instancing feature, see Multi Instancing.

Follow these guidelines when installing the SQL Server iDataAgent on the CommServe hosts:

  • Install the SQL Server iDataAgent by using interactive custom install method.
  • The installation location must be different from the installation location of the CommServe instance.

    For example, if Instance001 is installed to C:\Program Files\Backup\., then you can install Instance002 to C:\Program Files\Backup_2\.

    You cannot install Instance002 to C:\Program Files\Backup\Instance_2\.

  • During the installation, in the CommServe Host Name Information dialog box, provide the floating CommServe host name. The host name enables the SQL Server iDataAgent to connect to the active CommServe host.

    If you are not using a floating CommServe host name, provide the host name of the production (active) CommServe host.

    Also, provide a different client and host name for the instance in the Communication Interface Name dialog box. This name must be different from the name provided during the installation of the CommServe software.

For instructions on installing the SQL Server iDataAgent, see Install the SQL Server iDataAgent.

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