Media Explorer

Media Explorer is a utility that enables you to recover the CommServe Disaster Recovery data in the following events:

  • When a CommCell group has been rendered unusable or inaccessible
  • The CommCell group is not functional, and you have a CommServe Disaster Recovery (DR) Backup on the media

Media Explorer is supported only to recover CommServe Disaster Recovery backups (which secure all data protection metadata) performed on any supported tape or disk media, which can help in the complete infrastructure recovery of the CommCell group. To run Media Explorer, agent software is not required on the machine. Download the Media Explorer on Windows software on a new computer.

Supported Recovery

 Deduplicated data

Unsupported Recovery

  • Silo data
  • All agents backup
  • Data from deleted subclients or storage policies

    Catalog operations are not supported for this type of data.

Media Explorer is used in an environment in which the CommCell group is not functional, and you have only CommServe DR backup on tape media or disk volume.

Data Encryption

With Media Explorer, data is encrypted according to the method you select when you configured the client for Data Encryption. When restoring data that was encrypted by using a passphrase, you must provide the pass-phrase that was in use at the time the data protection operation was run. If you do not provide the passphrase, the restore hangs and a message is written to the MediaExplorer Log.

High-Level Process Flow

The process flow for retrieving DR Backup data using Media Explorer involves the following tasks in the order listed:

  1. Download the Media Explorer tool.
  2. Locate and catalog the media.
  3. Recover the CommServe Database.

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