Media Recovery - Disk Media

In a disaster recovery situation, you can recover the data on disk media's using one of the following ways:

  • Moving Mount Paths

    If the data is inaccessible from a mount path, copy the CV_MAGNETIC folder on the disk volumes to a different location and modify the mount path’s data path to the new location.

    When you modify the mount path, make sure the following:

    • The folder or file structure within the CV_MAGNETIC folder must be maintained in the new location.
    • The file system (NTFS, EXT3, etc.) in the new disk volume should be same.

    For instructions, see Modifying the Mount Path.

  • Re-establishing Data Paths for Shared Disk Folders

    After recovering a MediaAgent with a new name, add the new MediaAgent’s data path to the shared disk device.

    For instructions, see Sharing Mount Paths.