Full System Recovery: Notes Database Agent

Normally, if databases are lost or removed, they are recovered from the archives using the normal restore procedures described in Restore Backup Data. However, when there is a severe software and/or hardware problem there are two means of recovering: a full IBM Domino restore and a full system restore.

A full system restore of an IBM Domino starts with a file system restore using the File System Agent software. This restores the entire server including the operating system, registry information, and the IBM Domino program files which include the IBM Domino software that was installed on the computer and the notes.ini and server.id files. After restoring the entire server, you can use the Notes Database Agent to restore Notes databases. When the active extent of the transaction log is lost, the Notes Database Agent will use the TRANSLOG_RECREATE_LOGCTRL parameter in the notes.ini file which makes it possible to fully recover the notes databases.

Preparing for a Full System Recovery

Perform frequent backups of the Notes database and the latest file system. These backups can be scheduled to run at convenient intervals.

Recovering the Notes Database

To recover the file system data in the event of a disaster, perform the following tasks:

  1. Rebuilding the Operating System
  2. Restoring the IBM Domino Application
  3. Restoring the Notes Database

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