Full System Recovery: Virtual Server Agent for VMware

A full system recovery of a Virtual Server Agent for VMware client involves the following phases:

Preparing for a Full System Recovery

While virtual machines can be restored at any time, restoring multiple virtual machines in a single operation can take a significant amount of time. Disaster recovery scenarios may require large numbers of virtual machines to be readily available at the moment they are needed.

To achieve this, a disaster recovery plan includes creating a Stand-by server at a disaster recovery (DR) Site to which virtual machines are restored on a routine basis. In the event of a disaster, the Stand-by server is readily available with the virtual machines. After the initial creation of virtual machines on the Stand-by server, incremental backups from the production site update only new or changed blocks (dash copy) for virtual machines on the Stand-by server.

A Stand-by Server consists of the following:

  • The VMware application
  • Sufficient memory and disk space to hold all the virtual machines you may need to recover in a disaster scenario.

Recovering the Virtual Machine Data

To recover the virtual machine data in the event of a disaster, see Recovering the Virtual Server for VMware.

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