Full System Recovery: Recovering a Cluster on Windows Server 2003

You can recover a cluster on Windows Server 2003 clients in one of the following ways:

Non-Authoritative Restores

A non-authoritative restore is performed in the following scenarios:

  • Single node in a cluster fails completely (no boot) and the shared disks are still functional
  • Complete loss of all nodes and storage

Authoritative Restores

Perform the authoritative restore when all the cluster nodes are running and you want to restore the cluster database and restart the cluster services on all the nodes.

To restore the Primary Node or Passive node or the node with cluster database (for authoritative restores), perform the following tasks:

  1. Rebuilding the Operating System
  2. Recovering Windows File System Data
  3. Restoring Program Files for the Virtual Server
  4. For authoritative restores, restart the computer and replicate the cluster database, using the following command:

    authorutil.exe -cluster

    This command will stop the cluster services on all the nodes, replicate the cluster database information on all the nodes and then restart the services.

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