Creating a DNS A Record

Create a DNS A record with a virtual host name and IP address of the active CommServe host.

Before You Begin


Use the following command to add an A record on the Domain Name Server:

dnscmd.exe ServerName /RecordAdd ZoneName ComputerName TTL A IPAddress /f


  • ServerName - Specifies the DNS server that you are planning to manage.
  • ZoneName - Specifies the zone in which the record will reside.
  • ComputerName - Specifies the name of the computer that needs to be created in the DNS server with the specified IP address.
  • TTL - Specifies the amount of Time-To-Live (TTL) for the resource record. Default value of TTL is 10 seconds.
  • A - Specifies the resource record type of the record you are adding.
  • IPAddress - The IP Address of the host /f Executes the command without asking for confirmation.


Add A record for floating CommServe name

dnscmd.exe /RecordAdd prodcs 10 A

Add A record for the physical CommServe host name (optional)

dnscmd.exe /RecordAdd prodcs01 10 A

What To Do Next

To make sure that the CommServe hosts use the new DNS record added above, run the ipconfig/flushdns command from the command line.