Deleting a DNS A Record

Delete a DNS A record with name and IP address of the CommServe host.

Before You Begin

  • Enable DNS binary
  • Login to host computer as member of the Administrators group
  • Have the host name and IP address ready

About This Task

Deleting and then adding a new DNS A record is the only way to modify an existing record.


Use the following command to delete an A record on the Domain Name Server:

dnscmd.exe ServerName /RecordDelete ZoneName ComputerName A /f


  • ServerName - Specifies the DNS server that you are planning to manage.
  • ZoneName - Specifies the zone in which the record resides.
  • ComputerName - Specifies the name of the computer that needs to be deleted in the DNS server with the specified IP address
  • A - Specifies the resource record type of the record you are adding
  • IPAddress - The IP Address of the host /f Executes the command without asking for confirmation.


dnscmd.exe /RecordDelete prodcs A /f