Installing Updates on the Standby CommServe Host

When you build the standby CommServe host, make sure the latest software updates on the production CommServe host are also available on the standby CommServe host.

To download the latest software updates on a CommServe, CommCell Services must be running on the CommServe host. However, on a standby CommServe host, you do not start CommCell services when the services are running on the production CommServe host. Therefore, you can configure the default SoftwareCache directory of the standby CommServe host as a remote cache directory.

During a failover, make sure updates are installed on the standby CommServe host before starting the CommCell services.

Before You Begin

  • If the standby host is configured using advanced failover configuration, set the failover mode to manual before installing updates on the CommServe host.
  • Delete all existing contents in the SoftwareCache directory of the standby CommServe host.
  • From the CommCell Console, configure the default SoftwareCache directory as a remote software cache directory on the second instance client of standby host. See Set Up the Remote Cache.

    Using the default SoftwareCache directory as remote cache will ensure that the software cache is not empty when you fail over the CommServe functionality  to the standby CommServe host.


Install updates from the remote cache directory:

From Windows Explorer:

  1. On the standby CommServe host, navigate to the updates package in the remote cache location:

    On Windows X64 computer:

    Remote_Cache_Directory\CVUpdates\<SnapProtect version>\WinX64\

    On Windows 32 bit computer:

    Remote_Cache_Directory\CVUpdates\<SnapProtect version>\Win32\

  2. Double-click InstallUpdates.exe.

From Command Line Interface

If you are using SQL database mirroring or SQL Server Agent to build the standby CommServe host, the database on the standby CommServe remains in inconsistent state as long as production CommServe is active. In such scenario, run the following command to install the updates:

At the command line, go to Remote_Cache_Directory\SoftwareCache\CVUpdates\<SnapProtect version>\WinX64 or Win32\, and type the following command:

 InstallUpdates -silent -RMvInterSectingDiag -binaryonly -doNotUpdateDB -nostartsvc -vm Instance001

For more information on command line options, see Alternate Installation Methods - Silent Install.

You can also create a task using Windows Task Scheduler to run this command every month. This will ensure that all the latest updates are installed on the standby CommServe and it can resume CommCell operations with minimum delay.

What To Do Next

From the Process Manager window on the standby CommServe host, clear the Auto-start services when OS starts checkbox.