Recording the Username and Password

To perform failover configuration on the production and standby CommServe hosts, you need to obtain the encrypted password for the CommCell user account with capability to perform SQL Server agent backup and restore jobs on both the CommServe databases.

Before You Begin

  • SQL Server Agent must be installed in a separate instance on the production and standby CommServe hosts.
  • Create a CommCell user account with capability and association to backup and restore in and out-of-place SQL Agent data for the production and standby CommServe host. For more information, see User Administration and Security.


  1. Log on to the production CommServe host using the user account that will be used for failover configuration.
  2. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Secondary CommServe Client > SQL Server > Instance.
  3. Right click the newly_created subclient and then click Backup.
  4. Click Save As Script button.
  5. From Save As Script dialog box, specify the following:
    1. From the Client list, select the client on which you want to save the script.
    2. In the Path box, type or Browse to a path and name for the script file to be saved.

      For example: C:\failover\user_account.txt

    3. Click OK to save the operation as a script file.
  6. Open the file you saved using Notepad or another text editor.
  7. Navigate to the qlogin command section.
    1. Record the user name available with the option -u
    2. Record the encrypted password available with the option -ps.

This information will be used when configuring the CommServe Failover component.