Scheduling Restores for SQL Transaction Logs

You can create schedules to restore the transaction logs of SQL databases after each backup.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Client Computers | <Second Instance CommServe Client> | SQL Server.
  2. Right-click the Instance, point to All Tasks, and then click Browse and Restore.
  3. Click View Content.
  4. In the right pane of the Browse window, select the SQL databases that are already restored in the standby state and click Recover All Selected.
  5. In the SQL Restore Options dialog box,
    • In the Destination Server box, select the hot standby server.
    • Under the Recovery Types and Undo Path group, select Stand by.
    • Under the Restore Options group, select Unconditionally overwrite existing database or files.
    • From the Restore Time list, select the date and the time of the backup.
  6. Click Advanced.
  7. On the Options tab, click Database Restore.
  8. Select the Latest Backup Data and Apply Log Backups Only check boxes and click OK.
  9. Click the Job Initiation tab and click Schedule.
  10. Click Configure.
  11. In the Schedule Details dialog box, select the appropriate scheduling options and click OK.
  12. Click OK to apply the settings and close the dialog box.

    The transaction logs backed up on the selected time will be restored and applied to the database as per the schedule set.