Updating the CommServe Name for Clients and MediaAgents

When the CommServe has a new hostname, the clients and MediaAgents must be updated to use the new CommServe hostname.

Before You Begin

About This Task

In a test environment, you can update the CommServe host name for specific clients and MediaAgents used for the test. Make sure these test clients do not use a deduplication enabled storage policy, so as to avoid resynchronizing the deduplication database.

In an actual disaster recovery scenario, when you move CommServe functionality to a different CommServe host, update the CommServe name for all the clients and MediaAgents.

This task is not required if the clients use a proxy to communicate to the CommServe or if the CommServe hosts use a floating CommServe hostname.


  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, click the Home tab and then click Control Panel.

    Under Configure, click Name Management. The Name Management Wizard appears.

  2. Select Update CommServe for Clients (use this option after DR restore) and then click Next.
  3. From the Old CommServe host name list, select the name of the old CommServe and click Next.
  4. Select the clients that you want to update from the Available list, and then click the > button to add them to the Selected list.

    Click Finish.

    The selected clients are updated to point to the new CommServe.

What To Do Next

Perform a few backup and restore operations for any of the updated clients to ensure that the CommServe works as expected.