Configuring to Read the Data from the Replica Library

After creating the disk library, the data is backed up. Use hardware replication or any third-party software to replicate the data to the destination location. Set up to share the destination location with the destination MediaAgent so that you can run read operatons on the replicated data.

Before You Begin

Ensure the following:

  • The disk library is created as described in Creating a Disk Library.
  • The backed up data is replicated on to a destination location.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand to Storage Resources | Libraries | <Library>.
  2. Right-click the mount path that you want to share with another MediaAgent, and click then Properties.
  3. Click the Sharing tab.
  4. Select the mount path and click Share.
  5. From the Share Mount Path dialog box, perform the following:
    1. Select the MediaAgent you want to share.
    2. In the Access column, select Read.
    3. If the device is a direct-attached library such as SAS/FC/iSCSI for Windows or NFS for UNIX/Linux MediaAgents, define the mount path as a local path.

      Note: If the MediaAgent is a UNIX/Linux MediaAgent, then you must select the Local Path option. To access an NFS share, you must mount the share to your UNIX/Linux MediaAgent. Once the share is mounted, it appears as another local directory on the system. You can provide this directory location in the local path.

      1. Select Local Path.
      2. In the Folder box, enter the mount path location.
    4. If the device is on a network, define the mount path as a network path.
      1. Select Network Path.
      2. Type the user name and password to access the network share.
      3. In the Folder box, enter the file path to the mount path where the data is replicated.

        For example:

        MediaAgent MA01 is accessing disk library, which is configured on MA01 with mount path D:/disk_library.

        To configure another MediaAgent MA02 to access the mount path location where the replicated data exists, type \\MA02\disk_library in the Folder box.

      4. Click OK.

        The new MediaAgent that is shared appears under Controllers.

  6. Click OK.

    The disk library is now associated with the selected MediaAgent.