Configuring Secure Erase

Secure Erase can be configured on either an individual client or a client group. If Secure Erase is enabled on a client from both the client group and client properties dialog boxes, the client-level settings will override any settings configured at the client group level.

Secure Erase is a feature that is intended to permanently erase data on a client computer. Use caution with Secure Erase, as improper use can result in irreversible loss of data.

Before You Begin

DLP settings are only available for Windows or Macintosh laptop clients. If you are accessing DLP settings for a client group, ensure the client group contains only Windows or Macintosh laptop clients.


To configure Secure Erase:

  1. Open the Data Loss Prevention settings for a client computer or client group. See Accessing Data Loss Prevention Settings.
  2. Click Secure Erase, and then select Enable Secure Erase.
  3. Type or select the value for Securely erase selected documents after the client stays offline for more than n days.

    This value specifies how many consecutive days a client must remain offline (no connectivity with the CommServe host) before the files specified in the Secure Erase settings are erased.

  4. Specify the files and folders that you want to erase by adding items to the Recursively erase following contents box. See Secure Erase Settings.
  5. To prevent certain files from being erased, add criteria to the Skip following contents box. See Secure Erase Settings.
  6. Click OK.

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