Getting Started with Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a file-level security solution that prevents unauthorized access to data on laptop clients.

Step 1: Install Laptop Backup

Before you can use DLP, you must install the Laptop Backup software on your laptops and add them as clients to your CommCell group.

See Deployment for Laptop Backup.

Step 2: Enable DLP from the CommCell Console

The administrator must enable DLP from the advanced client properties dialog box in the CommCell Console.

See Accessing Data Loss Prevention Settings.

Step 3: Enable the Plug-In and Create a Passkey

The end-user must enable the plug-in on the laptop and create a DLP passkey for unlocking files.

See Enable Data Loss Prevention in the end-user documentation.

Step 4: Secure Files with DLP

The administrator and end-user can use the DLP features to secure sensitive files on the laptop.

See Periodic Document Encryption and Secure Erase.