Changing Your Data Loss Prevention Passkey

You can change your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) passkey.

If you change your DLP passkey when files on your laptop are locked, you will still be required to enter your previous passkey to unlock those files. To avoid having to remember multiple passkeys, we recommend unlocking all of the files on your laptop before you change your passkey. Afterwards, all of your locked files can be opened with the new passkey.

Before You Begin

Before you change your passkey, unlock all of the files on your laptop.

Perform the following procedure on each folder on your laptop that contains locked files:

  1. Open your laptop's file system, right-click the folder that contains locked files, point to Edge, and then click Unlock.
  2. If prompted, enter your passkey.


  1. On your laptop, open the Backup Monitor options as follows:
    • For Windows laptops, right-click the Backup Monitor icon ().
    • For Macintosh laptops, click the Backup Monitor icon ().
  2. Click Data Loss Prevention.
  3. Follow the instructions on the prompt to change your passkey.
  4. Click OK.