Reporting Your Missing Laptop

If your laptop ever goes missing, you can secure the files that you added to the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) settings in the Web Console by reporting the missing laptop from the Web Console. When your laptop is reported missing, an authorized user passkey is always required to open any locked file.

If your laptop is missing and you are unable to access the Web Console, contact your administrator immediately.


  1. Open a web browser and log in to the Web Console. See Accessing the Web Console.
  2. Click My Data and under Computers, click the name of the missing laptop.
  3. In the Last Seen Location section, click Mark Device Lost.

  4. Type the confirmation message, then and click Yes.

    The Mark Device Found and Erase Content buttons appear.

  5. If you recover your laptop at a later time, click Mark Device Found to report your return your DLP settings to normal.

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