Securing Files on a Lost or Stolen Client

By default, Periodic Document Encryption is configured to function seamlessly from the client owner's perspective. However, if a client is ever lost or stolen, you can select the Mark device lost or stolen option in the Periodic Document Encryption settings to require the correct user-defined passkey to be entered before locked files can be opened and read. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing data in locked files.

Before You Begin

  • DLP settings are only available for Windows or Macintosh laptop clients. If you are accessing DLP settings for a client group, ensure the client group contains only Windows or Macintosh laptop clients.
  • A passkey must have been set by the client owner on the client computer. If the passkey has not been set, locked files cannot be opened. See Create Your Data Loss Prevention Passkey in the end-user documentation.


To secure files on a lost or stolen client:

  1. Open the Data Loss Prevention settings for the client computer. See Accessing Data Loss Prevention Settings.
  2. Under Periodic Document Encryption, select Mark device lost or stolen and then click OK.

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