Download Center - Deployment

The Download Center is an interface for organizing digital resources, or packages, in your enterprise and making them available for end-users to download from the Web Console.

User Access Levels for Download Center

There are two levels of access for Download Center: end-users and administrators. End-users and administrators can view and download packages from Download Center, but only administrators can add, edit, or delete packages, and manage repositories. These access levels are controlled by the CommCell capabilities that are assigned to Download Center users in the CommCell Console. For information about assigning CommCell capabilities, see Assigning Capabilities to a User Group.

The following table contains the CommCell Capabilities required to perform operations in Download Center:

Access Level Permitted Operations Required CommCell Capabilities
  • View Download Center in the Web Console
  • View packages
  • Download packages
  • Installation
  • View Download Center in the Web Console
  • View packages
  • Download packages
  • Upload and manage packages in Download Center
  • Edit package information
  • Manage download repositories
  • Installation
  • Download Center Management

You do not need to associate any entities to CommCell user groups for Download Center users. We recommend you create separate CommCell user groups for Download Center end-users and administrators with the appropriate capabilities without any CommCell entities associated to either group.

Deploying Download Center

The Download Center is installed with the Web Console software (see Deployment - Web Console). After the appropriate CommCell capabilities are assigned (see User Access Levels for Download Center), end-users and administrators can access Download Center from the Web Console.

Before You Begin

Ensure the following requirements are met before deploying Download Center:

  • Web Console and Web Server must be installed. See Deployment - Web Console.
  • When deploying Download Center from the Web console, the Analytics Engine on the Web Server is automatically configured by the system. The Analytics Engine is needed to support searching packages in the repository from the Web Console.

    Ensure the Web Server associated to the Web Console meets the following requirements:

    System Components Minimum Requirements
    Operating System
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 Editions
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012  x64 Editions
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Editions
    CPU Multi-Core Xeon Class 2
    Memory 16 GB RAM
    Available local hard disk space
    • 20 GB for the installation directory
    • 1 TB of 10K SCSI disk for the Analytics Engine Index Directory
    • Does not have Search Engine installed
    • Latest x64 version of Java
    • Only one instance of Analytics Engine can be configured on a MediaAgent
    • Clustered MediaAgents are not supported

    If your Web Server was upgraded from a previous version, then you must install the MediaAgent software on the Web Server. See Install the MediaAgent - Windows.


  1. Log in to the Web Console. See Accessing the Web Console.
  2. Click Download Center.

    When you open Download Center for the first time, a welcome page appears.

  3. Complete the steps on the Download Center welcome page.

    See Adding a Repository to Download Center and Adding a Package to Download Center.

After completing the steps on the Download Center welcome page, a list of available packages appears when you open Download Center.