Firewall: Remote Installation Configuration

Before push-installing software from a CommServe host through a firewall to a remote client, the firewall must be configured to permit the required connections to be set up between the client computer and the CommServe host.

Configure Firewall for Remote Client Software Install

  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click Client Computers > New Client > File System > [Windows or Unix].
  2. Provide the Client Name and Host Name of the client computer to be installed.
  3. The Client Name must be the client name that you will provide during installation, which is the name the client will be identified by in the CommCell Browser after installation. The Host Name must be either the fully qualified domain name of the client, or the IP address that the CommServe should use to open tunnel connections to the client.


    • Client Name: myClient
    • Host Name:
    • Host Name:

  4. Click Next and review the summary, then click Finish. The CommCell Browser shows the new client, but its icon appears in gray because it is only a placeholder until you complete its installation.

Your CommServe instance is now configured to open tunnel connections with the client.