Index Cache - Best Practices

Recommendations for Maintaining the Index Cache

Follow these practices to obtain best results with index caching:

  • Use a file system dedicated to index cache data, so that non-index data does not consume index cache capacity.
  • Estimate your index cache space requirements with a margin of safety. Allocate a bit more space, rather than less.
  • If you are maintaining backward-compatible content indexes generated by a previous software version, the index cache folder may need more space.

  • Do not locate the index cache on a compressed drive.
  • For best performance, locate the index cache on an SSD (solid state drive) disk.
  • For Windows, do not place the index cache folder directly under the software_installation_directory.
  • For Unix, do not specify root as the index cache directory.
  • When entering the complete index path:
    • Do not exceed 200 characters
    • Do not use the "!" character
    • Do not use any Unicode characters
  • Do not host the index cache on your CommServe computer unless it is your only MediaAgent.