Index Cache - Prerequisites

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Index Cache Planning


The Index Cache must be located on a local disk in the MediaAgent.

SnapProtect software Version 10 no longer supports Index Cache Server or Index Cache Using Network Share. Existing network-based index caching arrangements continue to operate as they were configured, but if you create or modify an index cache, you must place it onto a local drive.

Performance and Sizing

These are the hardware requirements for the index cache:

  • When installing or reconfiguring a MediaAgent, ensure that these conditions are met:
    • Volume hosting the index cache:
    • Create a partition specifically for the index cache directory to ensure that other files do not use disk space that is needed for index data.
    • MediaAgents must have proper connectivity to each other so that an index can be pulled when needed.
  • For best performance and scalability, do not host the Index Cache on a CommServe computer unless it is your only MediaAgent.

Factors that Affect the Index Cache Size

Factors that impact the size of the index cache include:

  • Index retention settings
  • The number of files backed up, and other properties such as file name length
  • Collection of more properties, such as ACLs and additional attributes.
  • Agents that require more space, namely:
    • SharePoint Server iDataAgent - Documents
    • File System iDataAgent with Analytics information and/or ACLs information
    • Virtual Server iDataAgent
    • Exchange Mailbox iDataAgent