Index Cache Sharing Has Been Deprecated

Version 10 of the SnapProtect product no longer supports the Index Cache Server or Index Cache Using Network Share features because of their adverse impact on indexing operation performance and reliability.

Deprecation of this capability has these impacts:

  • Existing defined network shares continue to function.
  • The MediaAgent Properties dialog box continues to show details of network shares that were configured before creation of new shares was deprecated.
  • You cannot create a new index cache on a networked resource, and if you modify an existing networked index cache arrangement, its new location must be a local drive. Once you move an existing shared arrangement to a local drive, you cannot move it back to a networked resource.
  • Deprecation of Shared Index Cache does not affect GridStor functionality.

To set up or modify local index caching, see Index and Index Cache - Overview.

Path Forward

You can enhance availability of index cache data by configuring the Secondary Index Server feature. Secondary Index Server automatically places a copy of each index onto a MediaAgent you designate as a secondary MediaAgent. The secondary MediaAgent is usually physically separate from the primary MediaAgent, with a longer retention time. See Secondary Index Server for more information.