Customizing Completed with Errors Condition - Getting Started

Use the following steps to create an error decision rule to monitor errors that may occur during File System backups.

  1. From the CommCell Console toolbar, click Control Panel.

    Under the System section, click Job Management.

  2. Click the Job Status on Errors tab.

    From the Group Category pane, select the agent to add the decision rules for.

    Click Add.

  3. By default, all file patterns are considered for the new decision rule. You can define a file pattern by clearing the All File Pattern checkbox and entering a specific file pattern in the User Defined Pattern field.

    From the System Error Code area:

    • If you want to include all errors, click All Error Codes.
    • If you want to define a specific set of error codes, enter the error code range.

    Select the job status from the On Error mark Job as drop-down list to update the job if the rule is matched.

    For a SnapProtect backup job, if a decision rule with the "Completed with Errors" status is matched, the job status will be marked as "Complete".

    Click OK.

  4. Click OK.

    You can add more error decision rules for the selected agent, or choose a different agent to add new decision rules.

    You can also set the priority for the decision rules you created by moving a rule up (higher priority) or down (lower priority) using the arrow buttons.