Job Restartability - FAQ

What happens if the job does not restart successfully although the maximum number of retries has been reached?

In such a scenario, the Job Manager kills the job.

What happens if Client Services remain offline for a long period of time?

When SnapProtect services on a client become offline, the restartability setting to set the maximum number of job retries does not take effect until the services are back online.

The client services should be up and running for the jobs to be restarted.

During a temporary network or CommServe service outage, how is the restart of data protection jobs handled?

Data Protection/Data Collection Jobs that enter a Running (Cannot be verified) state during a temporary network or CommServe service outage are not restarted. These jobs do not enter a pending state; they continue without interruption when the network or CommServe services become available. For more information, see Fault Tolerance.

How will the restart of a data management job for the DB2 MultiNode iDataAgent be handled if it goes to a pending state?

If a Data Management job for the DB2 MultiNode iDataAgent goes to a pending state, and if the job is completed on some of the nodes, then restart option will start the job on all the nodes unless the sBKPRESTARTFAILEDNODESTimeOut registry key is set appropriately.

Why does the size of data for Oracle On-Demand backup job reflect as twice the size of backed up data?

Restarting an Oracle On Demand backup job for multiple scripts for the same instance will cause the instance, whose backup was interrupted, to be backed up again from the beginning of the script which was running. Because of this restart behavior, if the archive files for that instance were successfully backed up before the restart, they will be backed up again after the restart. As a result, Job Manager may count the data size of archived files twice for the instance. The scripts should be updated to prevent this behavior before resuming the job.

Do you support restart of UNIX raw partition backup jobs?

No. Restart of Unix raw partition backup jobs are not supported either manually or by the system. Therefore, you should run such jobs under high priority.

What operations can be configured to restart?

The operations that can be configured to restart are:

  • Auxiliary Copy
  • Data Aging
  • Data Protection operations of indexing-based, file system-like agents, and certain database-like agents
  • Data Recovery operations of indexing-based, file system-like agents
  • Disaster Recovery backup
  • Erase Stubs (a job-based setting is available)
  • Online and Offline Content Indexing jobs
  • Media Refresh

Can preemptible and non-preemptible jobs be restarted?

Both preemptible and non-preemptible jobs can be restarted. Preemptible jobs can always be restarted after they are suspended. Jobs that are not preemptible might fail to start and be in a waiting state and can be restarted later.

Can we configure the interval between restart attempts for an individual job?

No, we cannot configure the interval between restart attempts for an individual job. Only the number of attempted restarts can be configured.

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