Job Results Directory - Online Help

The following section provides context-sensitive help information related to this feature.

Advanced Client Properties (Job Configuration)

Use this dialog box to view or modify job management information on the client computer.

Job Information

  • Job Priority (0-9)

    Establishes the priority of the jobs submitted by this client computer. Valid values range from 0 through 9, where 0 has the highest priority. For other job priority settings, use the General tab of the Job Management dialog box.

  • Prune job results after

    Establishes the time period (days) for which the job results of data protection and data recovery operations are maintained.

  • Prune job results when disk capacity reaches

    Specifies a disk capacity threshold that, if exceeded, causes the software to prune job results. The disk referred to is the disk on which the job results of the client computer are stored (probably a local disk). Note that capacity utilization refers to the combined disk usage of all data (including applications) stored on the disk, not just that portion used for job results.

  • User Name/Password

    Click to establish or change the Impersonate User account to access the Job Results Directory.

  • Job Results Directory

    Specifies the directory to which the job results of a client computer's backup and restore operations are written. You can change this location by entering a new path. If you change this path, all existing job results are copied to the new path as well.

    UNC paths are supported for Windows and Exchange 2007 Database iDataAgents with Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR).

  • Browse

    Click to select a new job results directory for the client computer. Do not specify or relocate the job results directory to a directory residing on a compressed drive.

Low space threshold job results folder (MB)

Specifies the low space threshold limit (in MB) for the job results folder. If the amount of free space in the job results folder falls below the specified amount, an event message is generated. The Clients (Disk Space Low) alert is also generated, if configured.


  • Proxy Client for Content Indexing

    Specifies another client to index the data of this client during backup/migration.

Change status of all data interface pairs to

Sets the status of all defined interface pairs on this client to either Enabled or Disabled. Select the option, then select a status from the list.

Requires manual push of firewall configuration after changing, to put into effect.

Data Interface Pairs

The list of data interface pairs configured for the client.

  • 1st Machine Interfaces

    Specifies the interface selected from this client computer.

  • 2nd Machine Interfaces

    Specifies the interface selected from a second client computer.

  • Active

    Specifies if the data interface pair defined between machine 1 and machine 2 is active.


Click this button to add new data interface pairs using the data interface pair wizard.


Select a data interface pair from the list and click this button to delete the selected data interface pair.

Change User Account

Use this dialog box to identify the Windows Impersonate User account that can be used to access the Job Results Directory for the client.

The specified Windows account must have read/write rights to the destination directory.

If the specified user belongs to another domain, ensure that the necessary trust relationships are established between the two domains.

User Name

The Windows user account that can be used to access the Job Results Directory for the client.


The password of the specified Windows user account.

Confirm Password

Retype the password for confirmation.