Library and Drive Sharing Across CommCells - Share Library

Use the following steps to configure the library from the target CommCell sharing the library.

  1. Login to the target CommCell.
  2. On the ribbon in the CommCell Console, click the Storage tab, and then click Library and Drive.

  3. Under Available MediaAgents, select the MediaAgent and click Add.

    Also, select other MediaAgent(s) that are attached to the library and on which the library needs to be configured and then click Add >>.

    Click OK.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click Start, point to Add and then click Cell-Shared Library.

  6. In the Add Cell Shared Library dialog box, specify the following:
    • From the MediaAgent list, select a MediaAgent on which the library needs to be configured.
    • From the Library Server list, click to select the shared MediaAgent (Library Server).
    • Click Detect Library.

      The list of libraries that are configured to Library Server MediaAgent will be displayed in the Library list.

    • From the Library list, select the <Library> that you wish to configure across CommCells.
    • In the Barcode Range box, specify the media barcode(s) used to import.

      • When you perform an Import Media operation, the media associated with barcode(s) that are specified in the Barcode Range will be imported into slots assigned in the Slot Range for this CommServe.
      • Use a dash to specify range and commas to delimit ranges. For example, 000065-000165,000167,000170-000199.
      • Barcodes specified in the Barcode Range box must be unique and cannot be shared with any other CommCell.

    • In the Slot Range box, specify the slots to be used by CommCell.

      Ensure the slot range is continuous e.g., 11-20.

    • The slots and barcode range that are already assigned to Source CommCell will be displayed under the Assigned Slots area.
    • Click OK.

  7. Click Start and select Detect/Configure Devices to detect the drives.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Click OK.

    Click Close on Log dialog box.

  10. All the libraries associated to this MediaAgent will be displayed under Libraries.

    Right-click the library that has prefix 'LS_' and click Configure.

  11. Click Library and all drives.

    Click OK.

  12. Select a physical media type and click Yes to automatically discover the media in the library.

    The library and drives will be configured.

  13. If you have selected other MediaAgents that are attached to the library in step 3, then perform the following steps to configure library on those MediaAgents:
    • From the Library and Drive Configuration dialog box, expand Library Server library.
    • Right-click Library Controller and then click Configure for All Selected MediaAgents.
    • In the Confirm Configure dialog box, click Yes.
    • The library will be configured on all selected MediaAgents and will be displayed under Library Controller.

  14. Close the Library and Drive Configuration dialog box.
  15. You can view the configured drives in the CommCell Console.

    Note that the drives will appear as offline. The drives will automatically appear online when a job is run on the library.

  16. In the Source CommCell, the MediaAgent on which the library is configured on the target CommCell will be displayed as deconfigured client under following nodes:
    • Client Computer Groups
    • Client Computer
    • MediaAgent

Congratulations - You have Successfully Shared Library Across Two CommCells.

If you would like to add another CommCell to share the library, see Adding another CommCell for step-by-step instructions.