Library and Drive Sharing Across CommCells - Online Help

Library Server Configuration

Use this dialog box to setup Library Server which allow you to share library across CommCells.

Select CommCell

Displays the option to register a new CommCell or allows you to select an existing registered CommCell.

CommCell Login Details

CommCell Login

  • Name

    Specifies the user name to access the CommCell.

  • Password

    Specifies the corresponding password for the specified username.

CommCell Host Name

Specifies the fully qualified domain name of the CommCell.

Add Cell-Shared Library

Use this dialog box to add a shared library to a selected MediaAgent.


Specifies the name of the MediaAgent part of the CommCell.

Select a MediaAgent from the list to access the shared Library. The list contains the names of all the MediaAgents configured in the CommCell.

Library Server

Specifies the name of the shared (Library Server) MediaAgent. This MediaAgent is configured as Library Server to share across the CommCell(s).

Detect Library

Detects the library attached to the Library Server MediaAgent.


Displays a unique name generated by the system for the library, when the library was detected.

Barcode Range

Specifies the media barcode range(s) used by specific CommCell.

If necessary you can add additional ranges for the library. Use a dash to specify range and commas to delimit ranges. For example: 000065-000165,000167,000170-000199.

Barcodes specified in the Barcode Range box must be unique and cannot be shared with any other CommCell.

Slot Range

Specifies the library slot range assigned to a CommCell.

Library Data

  • Vendor

    The library manufacturer.

  • Model

    The library model.

  • Serial Number

    The serial number of the library.

  • Drive Count

    Total number of drive detected or included in the library.

  • Slot Count

    Total number of assigned slots.

Assigned Slots

Displays the slots assigned to CommCells.

  • CommServe

    Displays the CommServe name.

  • Slot

    Displays the slot range assigned to CommServe.

  • Barcode Range

    Displays the Barcode range assigned to CommServe.