Client Access License - Monitoring Usage

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Related Alerts

You can set up alerts in the CommCell to monitor the usage of your CAL licenses. When the usage approaches the licensing limits, notifications are sent to alert internal or external entities (such as partners). These notifications help you determine if you should acquire a new license or reduce the usage.

By default, the following license related alerts are preconfigured in the CommCell. These alerts are visible in the Alerts dialog box:

  • License consumed exceed 80%
  • License expires within 7 days

For more information on the license alert type, see Available Alerts - License. For instructions on creating an alert, see Advanced - Generating Alerts.

Related Reports

License Usage

The License Usage report is located in the License Administration dialog box. The report provides a summary on the usage details for each of the CAL licenses. The usage is calculated based on the number of virtual machines used, archived mailboxes, and content indexed objects.

You can save the report as a PDF or MHTML file and use it for audit purposes. For example, when the usage exceeds the licensing limits, you can send the report file to your software provider to request a new license.

The capacity usage details in the report are updated every 24 hours, unless the CommServe services are restarted.

Use the following steps to view the report.

  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, click the Tools tab and then click License Administration.

  2. On the License Administration dialog box, click the Usage tab.

    The license usage graph is displayed. You can click Save if you want to save the report as a file.

License Summary Report

While the License Usage report provides a high level summary of the usage, the License Summary Report provides granular details for each of the components being tracked in the license. For example, you can see a list of the virtual machines you are using along with their last backup details.

You can use this report to see where the mailboxes are currently allocated.

If necessary you can remove unnecessary mailboxes from the subclient content to prevent an over-usage.

Use the following steps to generate the report.

  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, click the Reports tab and then click Other Reports | License Summary.

  2. In the General tab of the Report Selection dialog box, navigate the Include Usage Detail For section. Select the components whose usage details you want to include in the report:
    • Archived Mailbox
    • Content Indexing
    • VM

    By default, the report includes the number of CPU sockets used by Hypervisor hosts.

  3. Click the Output tab and select the output format option for the report.
  4. Click Run to generate the report.

    To see an example of this report, see License Summary Report.

Understanding the Usage Details in the License Summary Report

The usage details for each CAL license can be found in the Usage Tracking Summary table, after the list of categories. Depending on the options you selected to generate the report, you will see the following sections in the table:

  • Protected Virtual Machines

    Lists the virtual machines configured in the CommCell along with the date and VM size.

  • Archived Mailboxes

    Lists the subclients that are configured with Exchange and Notes mailboxes.

  • Content Indexed Objects

    Lists the Search Engines configured in the CommCell along with the number of content indexed objects.

  • CPU Sockets on Hypervisor Hosts

    Lists the number of CPU sockets used by each Hypervisor host.