License Administration - Troubleshooting

Backup Job Fails because License is not Active


When you run a backup on an unlicensed agent, the backup job does not start, and an error message appears similar to the one shown below.

(The sample error message indicates that the license for the Window File System agent is not active in the client)

Backup operations cannot be performed on unlicensed agents (also referred to as deconfigured agents). Unlicensed agents appear grayed-out in the CommCell Browser.


Generate the License Summary Report to check if you have a license available for the client where the agent resides.

  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, click the Reports tab and then click Other Reports | License Summary.

  2. In the General tab of the Report Selection dialog box, click the Include Agent License Details check box.
  3. Click the Output tab and select the output format option for the report.
  4. Click Run to generate the report.

After reviewing the report, if you have available licenses for the agent, you can proceed to reconfigure the agent.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to the <Client>.
  2. Right-click the <Agent> and then click All Tasks | Reconfigure.

    The agent becomes active without giving any popup message.