Monitoring Policy Templates

A monitoring policy template defines the structure of a log. During the creation of a monitoring policy, you define the type of log you want to monitor by selecting a template.

The template properties, which include parsing criteria, are used by monitoring policies to track specific chunks of log information. For example, the following are some properties that you can specify:

  • Data type and format of the columns in the log file
  • Delimiting characters that separate each column

Predefined Templates

The following table lists the templates that are available when you create monitoring policies:

Template Type Description
Text Log Files The following templates are available to parse text log files:
  • NetApp Logs

    Applies to all of the log files generated by the SnapProtect software.

  • Simple Text Template

    Applies to text-based logs from any program.

Database The following templates are available to track specific events in the CommServe database:
  • Audit Trail
  • Alert
  • Event Viewer

The log data tracked by the Database templates can only be monitored using the Log Monitoring dashboard. Alerts and reports from the CommCell Console are not supported for this template.

Windows Events Tracks Microsoft Windows events.
SysLogs Tracks UNIX system logs.
On Demand Tracks any log file that is uploaded using the Log Monitoring dashboard on the Web Console.

To check if a predefined template meets your log requirements, see the following procedures:

Creating New Templates

If the predefined text-based templates do not meet your log requirements, you can create and manage your own template. For more information, see Creating a Monitoring Policy Template.