Monitoring Policy Wizard: Please select the type of monitoring policy you would like to create

Use this page in the wizard to select the monitoring policy template that you want to use based on the type of log to be monitored.

Text Log Files

Use this template to monitor text-based logs, such as NetApp logs.

  • Please select the template

    Displays the available text-based log templates, including the ones you created. The following templates are provided by default:

    • NetApp Logs

      Template for log files generated by the SnapProtect software.

    • Simple Text Template

      Template for text-based logs from any program.

  • Manage Templates

    Provides access to the following management operations:

    • Adding a new template or deleting an existing one. Note that predefined templates cannot be deleted.
    • Viewing the properties of a specific template.
    • Editing or validating a template.


Use this template to monitor alerts, audit trails, or events occurring in the CommServe database.

  • Please select the template

    Displays the templates for alerts, audit trail and events. Select the appropriate template from the list to monitor the CommServe database. For example, select Audit Trail to track changes between audit trail reports.

Windows Events

Use this template to monitor Microsoft Windows events.


Use this template to monitor system logs on UNIX computers.

On Demand

Use this template if you plan to upload log files to the Log Monitoring dashboard (in the Web Console) for immediate log indexing.