View Template

Use this dialog box to view the properties of the selected template, such as the defined columns and delimiting characters.

  • Column Name

    The name of the log columns defined for the template.

  • Data Type

    The data type for the corresponding column.

  • Type Format

    The format of the corresponding data type. For example, if the data type is a number, the format might be hexadecimal.


Indicates the delimiting characters that are used in the log file to separate each of the columns.

  • Treat consecutive delimiters as one

    When selected, indicates that consecutive delimiting characters are treated as a single delimiter.

Number of lines in log file header

Indicates the number of lines defined in the log header.

Type of log file to be monitored

Indicates the type of log file. If the log type is not .log or .txt, All Files (*.*) is displayed.