Monitoring Logs

After the necessary monitoring policies are configured by the CommCell administrator, users can start to monitor the logs using the dashboard in the Log Monitoring application in the Web Console.

Note: The CommCell administrator, or any other user assigned by the administrator, can also generate a report from the CommCell Console to review the monitoring activities performed by the policies. For more information, see Log Monitoring Report - Overview.

Accessing the Log Monitoring Dashboard

During the configuration of monitoring policies, the CommCell administrator specifies the users who have access to the dashboard. These users can be application and system administrators, helpdesk members, or any other user assigned by the CommCell administrator.

To access the Web Console and view the dashboard, see Accessing the Log Monitoring Dashboard.

Data Segments of the Log Monitoring Application

The Log Monitoring application in the Web Console has a set of pages from which you can perform your monitoring tasks. The Default dashboard and Search pages contain the most log information.

The following sections describe the information provided on each page.

Default Dashboard

The Default dashboard is the home page of the Log Monitoring application. It contains four interactive tables of data, which display the clients, log files, templates and monitoring policies that are configured in the CommCell Console. The tables display the following information:

  • Source Type

    Each client, log file, template, and monitoring policy in the CommCell Console.

  • Count

    The number of log lines indexed for that particular client, log file, template, or monitoring policy.

If your system has already gathered information from the log files, the dashboard displays a set of widgets below the interactive tables. Each widget contains a chart, which depicts data from the default searches configured for the Default dashboard. If no data was collected from your log files, then no charts are displayed.

You can create your own dashboard and include the log information you want to monitor. For more information, see Creating User-Defined Dashboards for Log Monitoring.


The Search page consists of three panes: the chart, the event log table, and the facets list. The three panes become available after a search operation. To perform a search, see Searching Log Data on the Log Monitoring Dashboard.


Depending on your filter, scope, and time range selections, the chart displays data related to the indexed log files.

Facet List

The facet list includes categories you can expand to further filter the data that appears in the chart and event log table, for example, expand the Client category to see a list of clients you can filter by. Min (minimum), Max (maximum), and Avg (average) are available for facet categories that are integers. When selected, they affect the data in the chart.

Event Log Table

The event log table lists each indexed log line that meets the criteria configured for the selected client, log file, template, and monitoring policy. Hover over a row in the event log table and click on the down arrow that appears to select additional filtering options. For example, select 25 Lines to see the 25 lines above and below the row you selected.