Adding a Chart or Table to the Log Monitoring Dashboard

You can add charts and tables to the Default dashboard or to your own dashboard. Charts and tables are widgets generated with the results obtained from a search criteria.

For example, suppose you have a dashboard dedicated to monitor SQL database log events. Currently, you have a table displaying the failed login attempts to the SQL database. Now, you want to add another table to track whenever a database backup fails.

You can add a chart of table to an existing dashboard by using one of the following approaches:

  • Perform a search operation and save the search criteria

    You can perform a search to capture the log events that you want to display as a chart or table on the dashboard. Use this approach if you do not have a saved search criteria related to those log events.

  • Use an existing saved search criteria

    You can define the dashboard details on a existing saved search criteria. Note that you cannot associate a saved search criteria to more than one dashboard.


  1. From the My Applications page in the Web Console, click Log Monitoring.
  2. To add a chart or table to a dashboard, choose one of the following approaches:
    • If you want to use a new search criteria, see Searching Log Data on the Log Monitoring Dashboard.

      After performing the search, make sure to save the search criteria.

    • If you want to use an existing saved search criteria, locate the search criteria as follows:
      1. At the upper right of the Default dashboard page, click Search.
      2. On the Search page, go to the Saved Search table and click the saved search criteria that you want to use.

        The Time Line chart and the Event Log table display the search results.

  3. On the search bar, click the star button to access the properties of the saved search criteria.
  4. In the Save Current Search Criteria dialog box, specify the following details:
    1. Select the Save to Dashboard check box and choose the format in which the search results are presented on the dashboard page.
    2. In the Dashboard box, enter the name of the dashboard where you want to display the chart or table.
    3. Click Save.

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