Configuring the Analytics Engine for Log Monitoring

To enable searches of log data on the Log Monitoring dashboard, you must configure the Analytics engine on a MediaAgent. The engine indexes the log data that is defined in a monitoring policy.

Before You Begin

  • Determine the MediaAgent where you want to configure the engine.
  • If you are not the CommCell administrator, you must belong to a user group that has the Agent Management or Administrative Management capability. The user group must be associated with the MediaAgent that you selected for the engine.
  • Java 8 must be installed on the selected MediaAgent.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Storage Resources > MediaAgents.
  2. Right-click the MediaAgent and click Properties.
  3. In the MediaAgent Properties dialog box, click the Analytics Engine tab.
  4. Select the Configure/Deconfigure Analytics Engine check box and do the following:
    1. Click Browse to select (or create) a folder to store the indexed log file data.
    2. From the Available Analytics Engine Type pane, drag Log Monitoring to the Configured Analytics Engine Type pane.
  5. Click OK.