Managing Charts and Tables on the Log Monitoring Dashboard

Every dashboard, including the Default dashboard, has a set of charts and/or tables that display information related to your searches.

You can reload the data on a table, update the time range of a chart, and perform other management tasks on the charts and tables of a specific dashboard.


  1. From the My Applications page in the Web Console, click Log Monitoring.
  2. At the upper right of the Default dashboard page, click Dashboard, and from the list, select the Dashboard that you want to view.
  3. Go to the chart or table widget that you want to manage.

    The options to manage the chart or table are located in the label area of the widget.

  4. Choose the task that you want to perform:
    • To update the time range, click the time range list and select a time range.

      If you want to create a custom time range, select Custom. In the Custom Time Range dialog box, specify the start and end times.

    • To delete the chart or table, click Delete , and then click Yes to confirm the deletion.
    • To reload the data that appears on a chart or table, click Refresh .