Uploading New Logs to the Log Monitoring Dashboard

Upload log files directly to the Log Monitoring application so that you can monitor the log events from your dashboards. You can upload any type of log file not previously indexed.

Before You Begin

Configure a monitoring policy with the On Demand template in the CommCell Console. To create the policy, see Creating a Monitoring Policy. If you do not have permissions to create the policy, contact the CommCell administrator.


  1. From the My Applications page in the Web Console, click Log Monitoring.
  2. At the upper right of the Default dashboard page, click Upload.
  3. Identify the log files to use as data sources and perform one of the following actions:
    • Drag log files into the box
    • Click Browse, and then specify the location of the log file

    The files that you selected appear in a list.

  4. In the Tag Name box, type a tag name for the log.

    Tag names are added as facets under the Tags category in the Search page of the dashboard. Tags provide a quick way to identify, differentiate, and search the log data.

  5. In the Template list, select the template associated with the type of log to be uploaded.

    For more information on templates, see Monitoring Policy Templates.

  6. In the Policy list, select the policy that was configured with the On Demand template.
  7. Click Upload.

    After the upload completes, the Status column confirms that the log file was successfully indexed.

  8. To start searching the log data, click Search this set of data.

    The search results page is displayed, and the tag name check box is selected under the Tags facet.