Creating Alerts to Monitor Logs

If you did not set up an alert when you first created the monitoring policy, you can set up the alert at a later time.

Alerts are not supported on the following monitoring policy configurations:

  • Policies that use the Database template to monitor CommServe database logs.
  • Policies configured to index all the lines in the log without defining any monitoring criteria. These policies are mainly used for the Log Monitoring dashboard.

Before You Begin

Determine the type of alert that you want to use. See the Configuring Alert Notifications table in Alerts and Notifications to review the list of available alerts and to check if any preconfiguration is needed.

For example, if you plan to create email alerts, you must have an SMTP mail server set up in the CommCell. For more information, see Configuring an SMTP Mail Server.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies and click Monitoring Policies.
  2. Right-click the monitoring_policy for which you want to define the alert and click Edit | Alert.
  3. In the Edit Alert for Monitoring Policy dialog box, click Add.

    The Add Alert Wizard window is displayed. Follow the instructions in the wizard.