Setting Access Permissions to Monitoring Policies

By default, the following users can view and manage monitoring policies:

  • Owner (user who created the policy)
  • CommCell administrator

You can configure a monitoring policy so that it is available to other users and user groups. Access permissions define access rights to the monitoring policies for each user or user group. Access permissions also define the activities that users can perform with the policies, such as editing or deleting a policy.

Setting access permissions includes assigning permissions to new users or groups, or updating existing permissions.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies and click Monitoring Policies.
  2. Right-click the monitoring_policy to which you want to associate the users, and then click Edit > Security.
  3. In the Edit Criteria for Monitoring Policy dialog box, choose whether you want to add a new user or user group, or modify existing permissions.
    1. To add a new user or group, click Add.

      The Add New Users dialog box appears.

    2. Under Select Users, select the user or user group to which you want to grant permissions.
    3. Select the permissions that you want to grant the user or user group and click OK.

      If you configured the policy to be monitored from the Log Monitoring dashboard, assign View and Execute permissions to the users. These permissions allow the users to view the policy on the dashboard.

    4. Click Add again to associate more users.
  4. To remove access permissions that were previously set for the user or group, clear the check box under the Allow column for the respective user or group.
  5. To remove users or a user group from the monitoring policy, select the user or user group and click Remove.
  6. Click OK.