Restoring a Monitoring Policy Using the Command Line

You can restore a monitoring policy from the .xml file that contains the policy configuration settings. This .xml file was created at the time you saved the policy as a script by using the Monitoring Policy wizard.

You can restore monitoring policies in the following scenarios:

  • You recently created the script using the Monitoring Policy wizard, and now you want to run the script to create the policy.
  • You accidentally deleted a monitoring policy, and you want to retrieve the policy.

Before You Begin

You must have saved the policy configuration as a script during the policy creation. For instructions, see Creating a Monitoring Policy.


  1. Log onto the computer where you saved the script.
  2. At the command line, go to the Installation_Directory_Path/Base directory and run the following command to log on to the CommServe:

    qlogin -cs commserve_host_name -u user_name

  3. To run the script (.xml file), type the following command:

    qoperation execute -af Path_to_XML_File

  4. To log off the CommServe, type the following command: