MediaAgent Hardware Refresh - Overview

What is MediaAgent Hardware Refresh?

MediaAgent hardware refresh is the process of moving an existing MediaAgent to another computer. For example, you might want to move the MediaAgent to a computer that has more disk space or a faster processor.

This document covers the following configurations and use cases.

Setup/Configuration Description
MediaAgent hosts a Deduplication Database Covered
MediaAgent hosts the Disaster Recovery Backup Covered
MediaAgent hosts a Remote Software Cache Covered
MediaAgent is behind a firewall Covered
MediaAgent resides in a Cluster Server Covered
Disk Library - Local Mount Path Covered
Disk Library - Network Mount Path Covered
Tape Library - Direct Attached Covered
Other Libraries Covered
Local Index Cache No Impact
Secondary Index Server Covered
Additional Settings Covered
MediaAgent Settings Covered
Hardware refresh during MediaAgent Upgrade Covered

First upgrade the MediaAgent as described in the following sections:

Migrate the MediaAgent to the new hardware as described in this documentation.

Existing MediaAgent is available during Hardware Refresh Covered
Existing MediaAgent is NOT available during Hardware Refresh Covered

Refer to MediaAgent Recovery.

How Should It Be Done?

This process involves the following steps:

  1. Prerequisites

    Set up and configure the new computer to be ready for the MediaAgent migration.

  2. Shutting down the old MediaAgent

    Stop all jobs and services. Prepare libraries and index cache for migration.

  3. Setting up the New MediaAgent

    Install and configure the MediaAgent.

  4. Post Migration Operations

    Test the new MediaAgent and de-commission the old MediaAgent.