Discover Media - Overview

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Before using a new media, the MediaAgent must collect certain information about it through a process known as discovery. When a media has been discovered its information is entered into the CommServe database. The media information is permanently retained; media does not have to be rediscovered if it is exported from the library and re-imported.

If new media are imported through a library’s mail slot, the import operation triggers a discover operation. This is dependent on whether you have enabled or disabled the Enable Auto-Discover option for the library. (For more information on this option, see Library Properties - Media tab.)

  • If the automatic discovery option is not enabled, the system will prompt you to provide the necessary details for the media.
  • If the automatic discovery option is enabled, the system discovers the media during a subsequent inventory update triggered by a job from the CommCell.

If the automatic discovery option is not enabled for the library and if you have some undiscovered media from a previous import, or if you import new media by opening the library door and inserting them, you must initiate a discover operation.

Media can be discovered from both the Library and Drive Configuration window and the CommCell Browser.

Discover Cleaning Media

When you discover cleaning media, the system automatically assigns it to the Cleaning Media pool.

Related Alerts

You can generate a 'Media Inventory' alert when an inventory operation completes successfully or completes with errors or if an inventory operation fails, fails to start, or is killed by a user. Refer to Media Inventory for a list of Available Alerts.

Refer to Alerts and Notifications for comprehensive information on setting up Alerts.