Media Labeling

Proper media labeling is essential to media access and identification, both inside and outside libraries.

The MediaAgent software supports regular tape libraries with barcode scanners in which specific barcode formats/patterns are required for different library models.

As stand-alone drives cannot read barcodes, manually entering media names in the CommServe database and physically marking or attaching barcode labels on media cartridges is highly recommended.

The MediaAgent also writes on-media labels (OML) on media during media initiation process to ensure correct media identification during subsequent access.

Avoiding Media Labeling Errors

In order for media to be accessible to the CommCell, the barcode or identifying name must be unique within the CommCell. A given barcode cannot be reused even if the media to which it was originally attached is physically removed from the library, unless it is deleted from the CommCell database.

If barcode labels are used, they should be compatible with the library’s barcode reader (see the library manufacturer’s documentation for a list of compatible labels) and properly affixed to the media (right side up and in the correct location).

For non-barcode media, proper labeling of the media as soon as it is exported is recommended. This will aid later in correctly identifying a media, when an import is requested.